Exhibitor testimonials

Renu Kochhar, Managing Director,Viraj Profiles Limited, India
Viraj is one oft he world's leading manufacturers of stainless steel long products like wires, welding wires, bright bars, flanges or fasteners. ”Our products are currently being exported to around 6 continents across 90 countries,“ Mrs. Kochhar explains. ”We have 1100 customers all over the world, when we think of Europe, Germany is our biggest market.“ The company uses the fair not only to sell products, but to speek to their customers, to maintain business relationships and to understand the needs of their customers today and thinking about future requirements. That is why their Sales Managers of different areas like Brazil, Middle East, Russia or India take part in the wire.
Isabelle Vidal, Amic Steel Wire & Bars, Managing Director and Camille Vidal, Commercial Director, France
"We already participate in the wire since 1988, almost from the beginning, which was in 1986. The company was founded by my father. I've been doing our business for ten years and my daughter is also getting more and more into our management work. Every year we meet international customers and have a look at innovations for wires and springs. At this point time hasn't change very much: The wire is still the most important fair for us." This year they expect even more visitors, because of the well developed economy of their industry branch.
Josef Lang, Lukas Anlagenbau GmbH, Sales Manager and Elisabeth Lukas, Anlagenbau GmbH, CEO, Germany
"As an owner operated company on a global market we notice two main trends," Mr. Lang summarizes. "On the one hand we provide individual solutions with a maximum on quality. On the other hand it is also very important to be able to have mass production on very low costs." To meet all customer requirements Lukas Anlagenbau participates at the wire every year. For them it is the most important fair und it is the place where all international business partners come together. But during the last years Mrs. Lukas has recognised some differences:" There are less visitors all together but more exclusivly decision-makers. We very much welcome that fact. In times of globalisation there are more company mergers and people often change their jobs, so the maintenance of personal contact is getting more and more important. This is one more aspect that makes the wire as regular meeting point nessecary."
Alberto González Ortiz de Urbina, Temsa, Customer Care Team Manager, Spain
Temsa, founded in Barcelona in 1987, is specialized in the manufacture of high precision metal cold forming tooling. Temsa has been exhibiting at the fair for a long time. Mr González summarizes in retrospect: "The Tube is the place to be. Everybody is here, technicians, engineering- and machine specialists, people from the managament - but only decision-makers. That makes time so valuable." There were a few years in the past when the team of Temsa was not fully occupied at the fair. The Tube had not full attention. The consequences were clearly felt: "It is not necessarily a sales growth noticeable every year, when we participate in the Tube, but we were notup to date. So it had negative long-term effects if you can not concentrate 100% on the visitors and the communication at the fair. So right now we are well staffed, of course."
Gaia Frigerio, Froma s.r.l., Manager Director, Italy
The family owned company was founded in the 80's by the father of Mrs. Frigerio. The core competence is planning and building machines and special lines, mainly for the wire industry. As a director and decision-maker it is her second wire. For several years she has been managing the company together with her two sisters. "Admittedly, it was not always easy to enforce in a business with nearly only men. But over time, we have learned to handle it and the industry has changed. In the end, quality and service pay off," she says. In the meantime it is not necessary for us to bring our massive automatic welders for meshes to the wire, we concentrate on business meetings and explain with images and examples products of our machines," she summarizes the development of recent years.