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Smart Steel & Steel Innovation


Smart Home and Smart Grid - what would they be without Smart Steel? The term Smart Steel describes steel products with improved or new properties. These properties are achieved by integrating sensors and actuators, using new methods such as nanotechnology or coating techniques.
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Germany's seven largest hydrogen projects in the area of production and infrastructure


According to Strategy&'s Hydrogen Readiness Index, there are at least 120 hydrogen projects in Germany that are in planning, under construction or in operation. Below we provide an overview of seven important hydrogen projects that are expected to reach new milestones in 2024.
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Alternative installation methods: opportunities for rapid expansion of the digital infrastructure


According to the Breitbandatlas der Bundesnetzagentur, around 96 % of German households had a broadband connection in mid-2023. Around 75 % of these were gigabit connections, of which the proportion of pure fibre optic technology (FTTB/H) was over 28 %.
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How AI supports green steel production


Artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining ground in the dynamic landscape of industrial manufacturing.
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Energy transition: New electricity motorways for Germany


According to calculations by the German government, the production of renewable electricity will increase by around 90 GW by 2037 - and with it the need for transport.
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The battle for talent: How companies in the pipeline industry are countering the shortage of skilled workers


Like almost all industries, pipeline construction is also affected by the shortage of skilled workers. Demographic change and the lack of young talent are leading to an imbalance between applicants and vacancies.
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Approaches for large-scale green steel production


The carbon intensity of steel production has reduced in recent years, which is a positive development. However, the high demand for steel has led to an increase in global emissions from steel production.
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Gas storage for a secure energy supply


The next winter is just around the corner and the new heating period has already begun. After the experiences of last winter, the question arises once again as to how stable the German gas supply is at the moment and whether our gas storage reserves are really sufficient to get us through the cold season.
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Wire manufacturing: when AI creates the quotation


Wire manufacturers know: Quotation preparation is usually a time- and resource-intensive process, sometimes taking up to two weeks. This is because a calculation including all process parameters is often based to a large extent on individual expert knowledge, which always leaves room for inaccurate results.
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Two million tons of hydrogen thanks to "H2Med" pipeline: How does German industry benefit?


Now it's official: The H2Med pipeline will be the first green hydrogen corridor to Germany. This was confirmed by representatives of the European Union and the governments of Germany, France and Spain on October 18 at the event "H2Med, an example of European energy cooperation".
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