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Gurfil Machinery Demonstration


Participating in international trade shows has always been an effective channel for Gurfil to access foreign markets.  As Gurfil over the years we are proud to be one of the exhibitors within the...
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First pipe bending press worldwide for pipes and half-shells up to 75mm wall thickness - more flexibility, time and cost savings in step bending


Netphen. A leading global manufacturer of longitudinally welded large-diameter pipes relies on the special machine manufacturer from the Siegerland region. With the new Graebener® Pipe Bending Press,...
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Automated Long Belt Finishing Machine – LMD2500


A Cleaner, More Effortless Finishing Process! The LMD2500 stands out because of its flexibility in finishing sheet metal and other flat surfaces. Thanks to its adaptable abrasive belt, which allows it...
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O.M.A., a leading manufacturer of braiding machines and auxiliary machinery for textile threads and metal wires. Born in 1952 to operate in the field of metal items having a high technological...
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ID4track®: the electronic RFID labels supplied by S+P Samson


RFID labels have a key advantage. They enable the highly efficient, contactless and automated identification and localisation of products and components using radio waves from a distance (RFID = “...
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Scleros: Coated drawing dies for steel industry – Increased life-span and speed


Scleros dedicated many resources to finding a method of significantly increasing speed during the drawing process and obtained it through the application of  CVD-TiN (Chemical Vapor Deposition –...
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Scleros’ Adjustable Drawing Dies


Adjustable drawing dies are dies inside of which there are adjustable components that allow you to create drawn products with different profiles, such as rectangular, square and in some...
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Growth area of battery recycling: Aurubis starts test operation in new pilot plant in Hamburg


Processing of black mass from lithium-ion batteries begins in pilot plant Lithium, nickel, cobalt, manganese, and graphite recovered in hydrometallurgical processes Aurubis CEO Roland Harings: “We...
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Mixer at WIRE 2022


In 2020 the WIRE and TUBE trade fair was cancelled due to the Corona virus, now we are ready for the recovery of the live events and we look forward seeing you again in person. WIRE...
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Over the past 25 years, we have gone through many different stages, and all of them have been very valuable and enriching. Now that we can look back on the journey we have taken, with a...
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